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Cookstoves and Biodigestors

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To round out our trip south of Lima, the Water group spent a good amount of time building and learning about two separate technologies that can be utilized right away..

Behold the improved cookstove… with the guidance of a few stellar current volunteers, we constructed an ‘Inkahuasi’ stove for a day there. The idea behind this stove is that it is designed to better insulate a small fire and cook using 50% less wood. Plus, it conveniently channels most smoke away from the kitchen.

The next interesting project we saw was the biodegestor. This 30-50 ft long plastic bag works to break down any fecal matter you should put in. What results after exposing it to sunlight and an anaerobic condition; is a plant fertilizer called ‘biel’ and plenty of methane gas that is piped to a collection bag and can be eventually used to run a stove or light or indoor heater. Appears to be alot of potential for this device.

– E.g.

Ubicación:Los Claveles,,Perú


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October 18, 2012 at 10:30 pm

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  1. […] and families and masons and transport is coming together to get these built in the houses.  As mentioned prior, the point of the improved cookstoves is to give an alternative to cooking directly off the ground […]

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