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Hauri Burial Grounds & Alpaca Love

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Last day/morning in the San Vicente de Canete area and it sure was an interesting one.  After breakfast current volunteer Goyo took us Water people around to some of the most interesting locations around his site…  Including a Huari Burial Grounds and Ruins site at Cerro de Oro.

Local Peace Corps personnel and authorities are pretty murky on what the Huari were doing in this area and what came about, but fortunately past grave robbers did not damage many of the site’s pots and intricate textiles.

Headed then over to a goat farm at a super tranquilo beach community named Santa Barbara.  A very warm and friendly family allowed Goyo to set up a variety of alternative energy solutions, including: a biodigester with methane stovetop, solar panels, and water bottle light bulbs.  There was even a rasta alpaca that ran around thinking it was one of the regular goats.


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October 19, 2012 at 4:10 am

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