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Peruvian Chocolatadas and Fresh Sugarcane Juice

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When it comes to Christmas in Peru, it’s hard to stay away from the large gatherings called ‘chocolatadas’.  Really anytime throughout the day a town or village or classroom or workplace can get together to drink hot-chocolate and eat large chunks of Paneton, a sweeten bread with raisins and dyed fruits inside.



When on a trip to Huamazan village, on the other side of the mountain from Molinopamap, to attend one of these chocolatadas, got to see and learn about sugarcane juices..  When it is fresh pressed the Peruvians tend to call it ‘Caldo de caña’, after fermented for a bit of time it is called ‘Guarapo’ and after this fermented mix is distilled to really isolate the alcohol, the drink is often called ‘Cañaso’.   None the less, the original pressing is mostly milled by hand, as seen below:


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December 22, 2012 at 11:36 am

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  1. […] area facility which helps facilitate that process.  In my previous entry regarding sugar cane (CLICK HERE), I explained that it’s not more then Caldo (juice) to guarapo (fermented juice) to Cañaso […]

  2. […] That’s it.  Dry the animal for a couple hours then start cooking up chunks to enjoy.  Plenty of Paneton and Chocolatadas well is around to enjoy as […]

  3. […] will turn down a glass when it’s being passed around.  Basically it’s just chancaca (solidified sugar cane juice boiled down to a solid), melted in boiling water, add a little bread/white flour and some fig leaves and let it sit for 1 […]

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