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15 Non-Existent Issues en el campo (countryside)..

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Problems We Are Truly Starting to Forget about after some time in rural Northern Peru (Not to say that these don’t exist in certain areas of the country, but just a little perspective for friends up in the northern continent.  Take no offense por favor, just opinions from getting to know the life around here.)

1. Peanut Allergies

Forgot that this was an issue in the states.

2. Vegetarians

Only vegetarians I’ve run into so far have been other Peace Corps volunteers.  I can imagine the lifestyle is quite tough for them.  Let alone anyone that travels here and would like to keep a Kosher, Adkins, Paleo or any special diet.

3. Diabetics

Maybe more of these folks exist in Lima in the bigger cities, have yet to run into any here in Molinopampa.

4. Chronic Depression / ADHD

This area is probably an example of what happens with these problems go undiagnosed.  There are unfortunately people suffering from depression having to get by and a number of kids that cannot settle down too easily.

5. Drunk Driving

Road feel surprising safe around here.  Much of the reason is probably because very few vehicles are using them.  People drive slow as well and that may have something to do with it.  People drink too and sometimes to excess and the law is very strict about drunk driving.  Only thing is you never hear of it happening (or drivers getting stopped) or campaigns against it.

6. Internet Service Issues

Yes, there are places in this world without internet.  I feel very fortunately to be able to connect to the outside world every now and then, but it costs us a big chunk of our stipend.

7. Credit Card Debt

From what I understand, much of the town does not have bank accounts.  A piece of plastic from which you can buy anything at anytime would probably blow their mind.

8. Car Breaking Down

That’s right… break downs, flat tires and car registration used to be a concern.  let alone trying to find a parking spot during times out of the house around town.  What is that like once again?

9. Insurance Companies

Along the same lines, insurance..  not really found too much around here.  There is a basically free medical insurance coverage for families in town. But no need to think about homeowners / car / life / etc. policies.

10. Taxes

Yet another reason to come on and move down here.  Taxes are only imposed on businesses and by businesses I mean probably only the larger ones, of which few people are involved in.  It’s nice to not have to plan much for housing or income tax..  and knowing the price you arrange for an item is going to be what you have to pay.

11. Baby Formula

You’d think by ending in an ‘a’ this would be part of the vocabulary around here, but Andrea says after working with plenty of pregnant ladies and new mothers, this never comes up or is even available.  What else is non-existent over here… strollers.

12. Environmental Issues

Recycling / Carcinogens / Smog…  with us and environmental volunteers coming into the area, hopefully the community can start to get an understanding about environmental pollutants, sorting garbage to sell back useful materials, etc.  It’s a bit disappointing to see plenty of people on a bus just throwing empty bottles and wrappers from the bus, but when many annexes outside of this municipal capital do not have any sort of garbage collection and little space to burn garbage, tossing into ditches is what is often resorted to.

13. Care for Pets and Animals

Dog Food / Pet Vaccinations / Picking up poop…  Families love their pets, even over here.  Just not enough to spend extra money on specialized food or care.  Poop on the ground?  …who cares when there’s herds of cattle walking through the streets a few times a day to spread it around.

14. Racism / Misogyny

Been on the lookout here in the municipal capital and spending time with many families, but very surprised to say that I have yet to see either of these social problems.  Only by separating groups of people does tendencies come out to speak disparagingly about other groups.  Most everyone in town (women, children, and those that look a little different…such as myself and Andrea) works hard to keep things moving along and everyone appears to be respected for that.

15. Copyright Infringement

Please, anyone that’s been overseas to Asia, Africa or Latin America knows this is a joke.  I do agree that talented artists and entertainers need to be properly compensated for their time, but the movie / music / software industry should really stop going after random people in the states and start doing something about the millions and billions (if not more) of duplications around the world.


Written by galbavy

April 13, 2013 at 6:59 pm

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