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Smooth Sailing into the New Year..

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And our last year here doing the good work in northern Peru for ourselves and the US government.  Nonetheless, much like welcoming in of the new year last year, which you can read about HERE; the town was filled with scarecrows (or dolls, effigies) to burn at midnight at the street corners, little bit more panaton and hot chocolate, party in the municipal auditorium until dawn, and Yunsa cutting down on New Years Day.  Unlike last year, this year Andrea and I served as one of the Majordomos or hosts and put on a chicken dinner on the eve of New Years, helped collaborate to pay for the band for two days, picked up boto (or gift items) for the new Majordomos of this year, and did a ton of serving chicha and cocktail on the streets.  Good times, ready to get back to normal.


Written by galbavy

January 5, 2014 at 3:52 am

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