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Trout Repopulation South of Chachapoyas..

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The regional government has funding for about 2 years for a project to repopulate trout in streams around Amazonas.  What this entails is raising the baby ‘alevinos’ in the fish farm in Molinopampa, then driving tanks of about 10,000 alevinos to in total 6 or 7 different sites south and west of Chachapoyas; afterwards for 2 years a vigilante group of neighbors will monitor the site and see how many trout are present from time to time, and also make sure that hungry locals just don’t fish at the re-population sites.  Helped raise the alevinos at the fish farm and last month it was finally time to slowly dispense the 10,000 in the rivers.  Fellow Peace Corps-er Rachel from Pipus came along to help.


Written by galbavy

February 8, 2014 at 1:49 am

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