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Handwashing: Not your hands but rather your clothes..

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I realize this might be one of the most boring posts ever, but I was thinking today: How many people spend time over a bucket scrubbing and scrubbing and rinsing and rinsing to get their cloths clean?  I really had very little experience living without the convenience of a washing machine, but am pretty accustomed now and kinda forget how easy the machine makes the process.  Nonetheless, should you find yourself without electricity for several days or want to ditch all appliances from your household; it might be best to know how to wash clothes correctly with only a bucket, a source of running water and a line to dry on.  Here are the steps that we’ve discovered work best (after much experimentation and advice from Peruvian professionals):

This brought to you as part of the “Peruvian Instructional Series” which includes the other how to guides such as: milking cows, slingshots, castration, artificial insemination, majas prep, etc.


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March 2, 2014 at 7:42 am

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