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Items I really missed from the USA and will miss from Peru..

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Obviously friends and family are number one, but these are the physical items that separate our two great nations and things that you can and do, buy in a store or receive that I quite miss about the USA; for instance:

1. Indoor Carpeting – Oh how it’s nice to scroll around on a carpet with socks on..  funny this element of indoor construction hasn’t made it to rural Peru where most houses have concrete floors or just get by on earth or packed dirt floors under one’s feet.



2. Amber Ales and a Cigar – Such a tragedy that the people of Peru are kept blind from these varieties of taste and flavor.  I realize that some churches worldwide forbid their practitioners from consumption of these treats and I’m not going to criticize any lifestyle decisions others think is right.

One of best ambers out there, Peru is really missing out.

One of best ambers out there, Peru is really missing out.

3. Concrete Sidewalks – So easy, soo easy to just scroll around town or the neighborhoods when everything is paved.  Why is it that these sidewalks aren’t even more used in the USA.

Concrete jungle

Concrete jungle

And vice-versa, with a little perspective there will be items I’ll grow to miss that are common in Peru:

1. Machetes and Barettas – Tools of the trade for working around the house or walking out to the farmlands and pasture lands.  Machete is just that, a handy blade for cutting, chopping and breaking/bending stuff; baretta is a heavy steel rod that is about 5 feet long and with an angle or small wedge at the bottom; folks can use this to dig any type of hole in any type of soil or move any type of rock.

Large knife is life, and death in some instances.

Large knife is life, and death in some instances.

2. Utility Bills – Super simple and lower then most could ever image.  We’re talking $1 to $2 for water service and garbage collection, and $3 to $10 for ones electric bill, $20 for internet and $0 to $30 for cell phone service, depending on use..  that’s it, that’s all the monthly costs to comfortably live.

Bills, bills and taxes..

Bills, bills and taxes..

3. Quinoa and Cachanga – The night just feels right when you can sip on a hot quinoa drink and enjoy the fried bread that is cachanga.


Just cannot eat one, though most people do eat just one at a time.


Written by galbavy

March 9, 2014 at 10:23 am

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