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Peruvian Quinceañera and Unique Clapping Styles..

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As with alot of Latin America, the Peruvian Quinceañera is a pretty big deal when a young girl celebrates her 15th birthday and is showed with gifts and attention.  It is also the time when she is officially allowed to have a boyfriend and can even have a drink or two with the adults and family that are celebrating until dawn.  And yes, these Peruvian celbrations really do go on until first light of the folling day.

Plus, as the night continued on, Andrea and I noticed the clapping during the dancing seemed to get a little off..

Good times nonetheless..  Happy Quinceanera Maritza..


Written by galbavy

May 20, 2014 at 9:46 am

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  1. […] quinceanera format is pretty standard (see the previous event): grand entry, high-heels being put on, dances with father and members of the family, words or […]

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