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Just missed out on getting married again..

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To Andrea of course.. the mayor gave the okay a few days ago to participate in the massive communal wedding that will be taking place at the municipal auditorium during the week of our town’s fiestas, but when trying to inscribe today; the regional authorities told us ‘no dice’. Well, actually it came down to restrictions because we already had a marriage certificate in the states, otherwise there would have been a little bit of paperwork to have to submit in the embassy (which, I was told is a lot easier if we both would like to have separate marriages this year, each of us to natural born Peruvians…no gracias..). Oh well, would have been a nice souvenir from our time in site; nonetheless will have to wait until Vegas to have a second wedding to dear Andrea.


Written by galbavy

June 12, 2014 at 6:24 am

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