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Corpus Christi 2014, the excitement returns for another year..

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Very similar to last years Corpus Christi festival, but this year more exciting because we knew what to look out for and how to celebrate.

ANDREA’s Blog entry does a good job summing up the week (click here)

And, she put together a 3min summary video of all the events if you are interested:

On the night before the ‘dia central’ there was the massive fireworks castillo, like last year; there were plenty of sparks and flying things landing in the crowd.

There was the ‘pasa calle’ or Street Passing or Raisin Road which had institutions putting on quick show and demonstrations for the authorities..  this year featured an automatic cow milking machine (Governor Ecco explains that you need to stimulate the utters before starting to milk).

The Corpus Mass was packed.


6 women packed on a pew that's really supposed to hold 4.

6 women packed on a pew that’s really supposed to hold 4.

But the rugs or ‘alfombras’ were always one of the nicer pieces of artwork for the week.  Often made with dyed sawdust, yeso (plaster), and local vegetation..



Written by galbavy

June 26, 2014 at 3:39 pm

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