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Longhorns, of Cajamarca..

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And, of much of the Andes it turns out.  This horn is called an Erke and as wikipedia puts it, they are large lip concussion horns used for ritual purposes (Click here for english).  In the spanish version of the entry (Click Here, Cliquea Aqui) they go into more detail that the horn in Cajamarca is called a  Clarín and it’s 3-4 meters long and made up by sugar cane bamboo stalks.  Depending on the area around the region of Cajamarca, it can have more of a sharp or gloomy sound.  We found these Clarínes during the procession for ‘Virgin of the Natividad’ in Los Banos del Inca.

Check out the video and hear for yourself:

And what trip to Cajamarca wouldn’t be complete without seeing plenty of Cajamarcan women with their traditional hats.




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September 21, 2014 at 8:12 pm

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