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Molinopampa Mayoral Race..

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This coming Sunday is election day in Peru and campaigns have been in full swing.  The community here will be voting for President of the Region (Department, Amazonas), Mayor of the Provence (Chachapoyas), Regional Member of Council (whatever they do), and most importantly Mayor of the Municipality (Molinopampa).  I say most importantly because this election is what most anyone is talking about.  The town/municipal mayor is one who is always seen by the people representing this community and directing funds and projects for whatever the area needs or can benefit from.  There’s 5 guys who have put their names in the race and one of which will be the mayor starting in January 2015, till 2018.

Peru uses quite a few different political parties as you can see, some of which only spring up for one election.  GH is a major transportation company here, Maslucan is just the name of the guy running for Regional President; nonetheless, they can all register to be included and the majority vote gets the win.

The month of September has seen quite a few ‘meetings’ as they are called in Spanish or campaign rallies as we in the states know them to be.  What’s funny about these events for each set of candidates for the various parties is that they have plenty of beer, music and rooting and speeches.  Andrea and I were kept up until about 2am a few nights ago when a ‘meeting’ was held right in the center of most of the houses.  Remeber what I mentioned about noise.  I couldn’t get many pictures the ‘meetings’ it’s often very dark and just people rallying together and hooting.   Here’s some other scenes from the campaigns.

We’ll see what happens on Sunday, Oct 5, it’s the only day of the year that alcohol is prohibited from being sold and all members of the district will come to town to cast their vote.  Should be close.


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October 2, 2014 at 7:32 am

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