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Full Moon Baby, Time to Leave Hospital..

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Sam Galbavy, like many babies around the world, decided that during this month’s full moon it was best to make a break from mommy’s womb. At Seton Medical Center Austin, there was supposedly quite a number of couples coming in for Labor and delivery last Saturday night, but we fortunately found it to be quite tranquil and seemly pretty empty. Every birth has a different memorable story, but here’s the quick notes that I was jotting down in the midst of it all:

5/22/2016 is a big day:

1am strong contractions, finally starting to be consistent

2am call nurse and take off for hospital

2:45 show up at Seton Medical Center Austin, long walk from free parking area to ER entrance

3am triage and taken shortly after to L&D room

6:15am, 50 ug Fentanyl in IV, worth trying something for the unbelievable pain

8:45am, Epidural (with slow drip Fentanyl, and eventually some Pitocin to keep contractions coming strong and consistent), this put Andrea out to rest for a couple hours before the next stage of hard work, me..I really couldn’t rest

10:10, break the water

12:15, little bit of pressure, checked and baby low and ready to start pushing

13:15, Started Pushing, after quick visit from family members to cheer Andrea on

15:20 (3:20pm) Birth of Sam, 7lbs 15oz and 20in long

It’s real tough to put into words the excitement when Baby Sam was released from Mama. I was really proud of Andrea for putting in all the extreme energy she did to get him out, and very relieved for her that it was over.  She was more exhausted then I could ever image and the nurse even had to give her a gas mask with oxygen for a few seconds to just stay awake.

When the head was out, it wasn’t but a couple more pushes until the nose and chin cleared and Sam just flew out of Andrea like a huge tan slimy sack. Immediately this child coughed liquid out of his lungs and started to cry and wiggle around. I had to get a look at him right away and quickly did the cord cutting thing and somewhat pushed the doctor and tech aside to really get face to face with the kid. I just had to start checking this guy out.. His eyes where closed and as he was crying at first and had a significant upper lip curl on one side due to the ‘flehmen response’. I remember thinking to myself, she just gave birth to a mini Elvis Presley. The vernix was wiped off of the little guy and I passed him over to mommy when I could capture the following clip:

Unreal moment for us all.  He had some breastfeeding time and got to take his first little crap and after visitors saw the pair quickly and for the last time in that L&D room, we were all moved over to post-partum to rest and bond.


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May 25, 2016 at 4:00 pm

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