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Alternative Sodas of Pops on Route 66..

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Direct from the Soda Ranch in Arcadia, Oklahoma and big thanks to Judy Browne and Stewart Bingham bringing back a sample of these modern flavors in soda science..

On the menu today..

On the menu today..

Pimple Pop: Marshmallow Soda, smells like pineapple and looks like coconut water.  Tastes like cotton candy and plastic mix.

Peanut Butter: Here’s something u don’t see and taste everyday.  Looks of extremely dirty tap water, just like in rural area should the water treatment go down and the recent rains would bring high sediment load.  Smell is of peanuts and taste as well..  peanut butter for sure.  Just like eating a ton of peanut butter, feel like this is filling me up.

Dragon Drool: Black Licorice Soda, really pretty good.  Look of regular soda and taste like a Dr. Pepper on steroids.  Nice anise, licorice taste especially In the back-end.  Andrea and I really liked it.

Buffalo Wing Soda: Lester’s Fixins Original, Artificial flavored (as they say)..  though I doubt many people were thinking they used chicken squeezings in the carbonated cane sugar beverage.  Looks like orange soda, and smells a little ‘off’.. almost salty.  When u first taste the drink it’s sweet and fruity, but the heat comes on quick and stays in the back of your throat.   One of the more interesting drinks sampled, they really got the buffalo sauce flavor down because I can picture liquid butter as well as cayenne pepper.


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